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New Bible School: Milton Keynes


Milton Keynes is a wonderful city and God is planting a new school there. Be part of it!

"...the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God. With all prayer..." 

Eph 6:17-18. "Word" in this verse is rhema - revelation.


The Holy Spirit uses the Word of God as a weapon in prayer. The threefold action is where you will be trained.

The strength of the early church was the coming of the Spirit through prayer and the declaration of the Word of God.

 You will learn:

1. prayer, the voice and gifts of the Holy Spirit like never before and 

Hermenuetical principles to help you understand the Word

2. Homiletics: to teach and preach

3. OT and NT surveys: to expand your grasp of the Word of God in both testaments

4. Philosophy of Religion: appreciate current critique of faith and the conversation between science and religion in today's world.

5. Psychology: the human mind and counselling

6. Revelation: the history of how the Bible was put together and how it came to us

7. Introduction to Church History: an appreciation of the journey the church has gone on until the present time

8. Brief on Doctrine: the major doctrines of the Church and how they are understood (Holy Spirit, redemption/salvation, trinity, church, etc.)

9. Management: organizational and structural management

10. Missions: missiology and world evangelism

Classes will be tailored to meet individual needs. Please contact us now!


Samuel Arthur Ministries