l want to share something that is a modern day miracle that happen on Saturday September 24-2016.

I want to show people how God moves in prayer, and he did it this week on Friday 24. Young lady was trick to go to another country on a pretense,

that she could stay at his house for 10 days when she arrived in the Netherlands she waited all night but her friend did not arrive so she slept in the air port.

Next morning she went to his home to find out what had happen to him in picking her up from the airport she knock the door expecting a welcome after flying from uk to spend time,

with him, his stepfather answered the door and ask who she was she said l am your son friend and l from uk then he went to get his wife and she came to the door throwing out abuse at her

which was very upsetting for the young lady and his mum yes he must been drunk when he text the girl to come over so she told her go away and said you are not staying so the young lady said l am stranded here now what do l do now. His mother still kept throwing out abuse at the young lady so she broke down and cried and thinking a long way from home did not

know what to do how she was going to fly home because her ticket was value for ten days and she did not know if she could exchange the date to fly back home so she was very upset so she walk and walked until she could not walk no longer very upset she sat down out side someone house in the street wondering what to do she sat there for about 3 hours and there was retired gentlemen watching from his home he could see that there was something wrong by this time there were a crowd of people around the young lady asking her what was wrong and she told them the whole story what had happen to her. By that time the man who was looking through the window came out to see what was wrong and he herd the young lady story and felt very sad, those she was stranded in the country no way in getting home she was talking to her mother and father through the phone to find a way to get her home l belive God sent two human angles as messengers to help the lady to get out of the country and keep safe the retired gentleman payed her flight home and he said l dont want you to pay me back the money l just want you to get home safe the woman who helped her as well was english lady who made sure she got home safe and on to the plane.

People she did know help her to be safe and got her home safe because there was loads of believers praying for her to come home safe so God herd there prayers and the mother and father prayed for there daughter God is listening to prayers this a miracle that God did for this young lady and made sure she had people to help her to get home safely.

This is prayer that had great power through people coming together and making it happen using people who are what God user to bring His glory in a big miracle not because the father is Pastor but because we have faith the mother sings and write songs for the lord but we stood our faith and God saw are faith and he brought the young lady home to her family.