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Light of Truth!

Combining the light of the Spirit with academic research is a winner!

The Bible is the all time bestseller!

It was written over a period of 1,500 years by some 40 people from every walk of life. The New Testament  (NT) contains 27 while the Old Testament (OT) contains 39 books. Most of the Bible was written by Jews in their own language. The NT was written mostly in Greek. The Bible is 'encased' in the cultures and understanding of that time.

God spoke to the people in the circumstances of their day. We are in a different time and in different cultures. We must bridge the gap between our time and culture and their time and culture to understand fully the word of God.

The skills for doing this is obtained from Bible Study principles (technically called Hermeneutics - meaning, interpretation).

The courses includes 12 useful lessons:

Introduction to the Bible


Theories of Interpretation

Principles (1): Historical Contexts

Principles (2)): Literary Contexts

Principles (3): Studying Gospels

   Studying Epistles

   Studying Narratives (stories)

   Studying Prophecy

   Studying Poetry (Psalms, Proverbs, Songs, Ecclesiates, Job)

   Studying Apocalyptic (Daniel, Revelation, for example)



'Study to show yourself approved, a person who right interprets the word of God.' 

 To be able to interpret the Word and feed yourself spiritually is a lifelong blessing. You can also use your skills to help feed others. stay blessed.

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